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Pack CBD Unfiltered Preroll

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Jamaica Smooth CBD Prerolls come from USA hemp, proudly grown in the beautiful state of Oregon with organic practices.

Our Joints provide a consistent, repeatable experience each and every time. From taste to smokability and burn speed, you can rely on the Jamaica Smooth experience.

Think of CBD as your daily vitamin supplement. Proven to be non-habit forming or addicitive, your mental and physical benefits are achievable without the downside of typical smoking choices.

The Science Behind Hemp

Originally grown for centuries for its high fiber content and industrial applications, Hemp has now been selectively bred for high potency cannabinoids like CBD, that don’t get you high. By combining CBD and natural compounds like terpenes and flavonoids, our hemp naturally provides an entourage effect.

Unlike pharmaceuticals CBD Prerolls improves your sleep without creating feelings of grogginess or sluggishness the next day. That’s because CBD Prerolls uses only the highest quality, naturally sourced ingredients, which means you get extremely effective results without any of the negative side effects of pharmaceuticals.

More Information
Name Helper Pack
Brand Jamaica Smooth
CBD Product Type Flower
Brand Jamaica Smooth
Specific Product Type Unfiltered Preroll
Good for Pets? No
Pain Relief 5
Inflammation 5
Relaxation/Sleep Aid 4
Anxiety/Stress 4

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